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‘Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.’ Proverb 8v34


This theme Watching and Waiting is to encourage us seek the Lord’s face more and learn how to listen as He responds to our requests. Watching is different from waiting on the Lord, though the two seem interchangeable. In our walk with God, it is possible to watch without waiting. We do this when we watch in a hurry. Though we see all the time yet many times we don’t usually do this with keen observation. Out of the things we daily observe how many of them make an indelible imprint on the canvass of our minds? Most of the time what we see are not registered in our memory bank. You cannot listen to God if you are watching is in a hurry. Hurry is, these days, fast becoming a disease. The hurry through life has nothing to do with God but with work and our needs. People nowadays, hurry till they breakdown due to stress or stress related diseases. You cannot be in a hurry and at the same time watch what is going on around you keenly. To hurry past a thing suggests there are more important issues to attend to.

The broadcast from heaven is constant but hearing the voice of God is difficult because of other contending issues. The one watching daily is the person trying to constantly stay tuned despite prevailing and persistent interferences. Watching is a private stand. If you cannot watch and pray you cannot take an effective, godly and public stand. You are truly blessed as you watch and wait to hear a word from heaven. Oh Lord, help me not to watch in a hurry. What I see in your word, I will observe and actively do. The voice of a stranger I will not follow in Jesus name. Amen.

/ Why is the Lord’s messenger described as blind and deaf? Isaiah 42v18-20.


Last line

Worry and hurry are modern day diseases that can lead to an early grave.

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